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News and Views ASSEMBLIES


Each Wednesday, children meet in their 'house' groups -  Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and 

Saturn. Year 6 house captains lead a themed discussion, which maybe about

current global, national, local or school based issues. A circle game opens each

session, after which national and international news items are discussed.  A theme is then

introduced and children share views and opinions - giving every child an opportunity

to contribute their thoughts and ideas every week. A reflection closes the session.  

During  Friday assembly, an overview  of the discussions is shared. Children's views

are taken into consideration as a part of decision making relating to school

development. Where the discussion has been related to this,actions to be taken in

 response to any points raised by  the children are shared and displayed on the 

'News and Views' board  in the school hall.


As part of Bournehall learning different ways of communicating, we introduce a new Makaton sign at the start of each 'News and Views' session.  We always listen, think and share ideas and end with a reflection.  So far this term, pupils have met in their groups and discussed and reviewed a range of issues including:

Should drones be banned? British Value - Rule of Law

Should our leaders make key decisions, or should we all have a say? British Value - Democracy

Should we spend more time with people who are older than us? British Value - Mutual Respect

What can we do to limit the damage of plastic on the environment? British Value - Rule of Law



Are we a throwaway society? 

Can remembering the past help us make the future better?

Should adverts be a place to share news and opinions?

Should we be able to control when it is day and when it is night?



 Throughout the summer term pupils met in their groups and discussed and reviewed a range of issues including: 

The Royal Wedding

St Georges Day


Playground Charter



Throughout the spring term pupils met in their groups and discussed and reviewed a range of issues including: 

  Hinduism - Festival of Holi

 Famous People – Roger Bannister & LS Lowry

 Sports Relief - possible fundraising activities that Year 6 are considering planning.

Respect -The children discussed ways of showing respect in and around our school community.

Anti-Bullying Policy -The children reviewed and discussed the Anti Bullying Policy (Children's version). They offered their ideas and opinions on any areas they felt needed developing. 

Action: Feedback suggested to the Senior Leadership Team.  

Let Toys Be Toys campaign

Let Toys Be Toys campaign is asking the toy and publishing industries to stop limiting children’s interests by promoting some toys and books as only suitable for girls, and others only for boys.  Schools are an important place to tackle gender stereotypes, and toys and marketing are a great way to get children thinking about the issues.  All 'News and Views' groups participated in a planned lesson from 

Action - Feedback given to Senior Leadership team relating to the outcomes of the lesson.