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Fine Diners

Each week, our Midday Supervisors and kitchen staff select and invite a child to become a 'Fine Diner'.  The 'Fine Diners' also select a close friend to share the dining experience .  The decisions are based on demonstration of our core values, including respect for themselves, through healthy eating and regular exercise.  These 'Fine Diners' can be spotted during lunchtime in the Rainforest Café, hall, in clubs and on the playground.


This month’s Fine Diners are:

Value: Respect - Akos Gyori Year 1


Value: Courage - Harrison Farr Year 1


Value: Responsibility - Cayden Rowlands Year 1


Value: Caring - Lillie Toole Year 5

Value: Patience - Ibraheem Mir Reception

Value: Courage - Sean McAndrews Year 3

Value: Thoughtfulness - Ma’Kayjah Bazile Orange

Value: Thoughtfulness - Maggie Cooke Orange