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 At Bournehall Primary School, we value Art and Design because IT:

  • embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity.
  • stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences, and a special way of understanding and responding to the world.
  • empowers children to communicate what they see, feel and think, through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern and different materials and processes.
  • supports emotional well-being and mental health, offering the freedom to express and communicate personal feelings and emotions.
  • involves children in shaping their environments.
  • encourage children to make informed judgements and practical decisions about their work and that of others.
  • enhances and informs learning in every national curriculum subject through considering the impact of the work of artists and designers on contemporary life and, on different periods and cultures.
  • enriches all our lives.



  •  the ability to use visual language skillfully and convincingly (for example, line, shape, pattern, colour, texture, form) to express emotions, interpret observations, convey insights and accentuate their individuality.
  • the ability to communicate fluently in visual and tactile form.
  • the ability to draw confidently and adventurously from observation, memory and imagination.
  • the ability to explore and invent marks, develop and deconstruct ideas and communicate perceptively and powerfully through purposeful drawing in 2D, 3D or digital media.
  • an impressive knowledge and understanding of other artists, craftmakers and designers.
  • the ability to think and act like creative practitioners by using their knowledge and understanding to inform, inspire and interpret ideas, observations and feelings.
  • independence, initiative and originality which they can use to develop their creativity.
  • The ability to select and use materials, processes and techniques skillfully and inventively to realise intentions and capitalise on the unexpected.
  • the ability to reflect on, analyse and critically evaluate their own work and that of others.
  • a passion for and a commitment to the subject.

Chris Quigley – Essentials Curriculum



 Children tell us that they enjoy art and design and learn best when:



  •  foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts.
  • teach children skills and processes with a range of materials.
  • develop understanding of line, colour, form and space, texture, pattern and their ability to use materials and processes to communicate ideas, feelings and meanings.
  • encourage children to express their own ideas, feelings, thoughts and experiences.
  • provide opportunities for children to share and discuss their opinions about their own work and work of others in ways that are respectful.
  • teach children to respond critically and imaginatively to ideas, images and objects.
  • offer opportunities for children to explore, discover and create - experiencing the properties and potential of different materials.
  • support children to review, problem solve, develop and refine their work through the effective use of sketchbooks.
  • enable children to be actively involved in shaping their environment.
  • support children in making links between art and design and their learning in other subject areas.
  • place art and design in a wider context, making it relatable for the children by making links to their own lives and those of others e.g. in the past and around the world.
  • teach children the value of the contribution made by artists, architects, designers and craft makers from different cultures, genders, times and places, through links with the local and wider multicultural community.
  • introduce children to creative industries and careers.


At Bournehall, we use the KAPOW combined Art & Design Technology Scheme of Work. The scheme was chosen as it meets National Curriculum aims for Art & Design through the following 5 strands:

  • Generating ideas
  • Using sketchbooks
  • Making Skills (Including formal elements)
  • Knowledge of artists
  • Evaluating & analysing

These strands are encompassed with the Essentials Curriculum Thresholds Concepts of:

  • Mastering techniques
  • Taking inspiration from the greats
  • Developing ideas

These strands are taught through drawing, painting & mixed media, sculpture & 3D and craft & design. The scheme gives the children the opportunity to become familiar with a wide range of inspirational artists and styles and ensures that skills are taught progressively throughout the year groups.

Art & Design is taught for one hour per week, alternating with DT every other half term. Sketchbooks are used for the pupils to record their observations and to review and revisit ideas. The children’s sketchbooks allow the children the opportunity to record their developmental process as well as their final images. Children are given the opportunity to pursue their own individual ideas for their final image as part of this process.