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Each Wednesday, children meet in their 'house' groups -  Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and  Saturn. Year 6 house captains lead a themed discussion, which maybe about current global, national, local or school based issues. A circle game opens each session, after which national and international news items are discussed.  A theme is then introduced and children share views and opinions - giving every child an opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas every week. A reflection closes the session.  

As part of Bournehall learning different ways of communicating, we introduce a new Makaton sign at the start of each 'News and Views' session.  We always listen, think and share ideas using 'Picture News' where a current news story is focused upon.  A thought provoking question and image are used to keep  each child's understanding of news around the world current.  We end with a reflection. 

During  Thursday assembly, an overview  of the discussions is shared. Children's views are taken into consideration as a part of decision making relating to school development. Where the discussion has been related to this,actions to be taken in response to any points raised by  the children are shared and displayed on the 'News and Views' board  in the school hall.


At the start of the autumn term, each Year 6 child be write a letter of application for certain roles including house captain.  Once the new house captains have been selected they will lead and take notes on a themed discussion.  Watch this space to discover what we are discussing at Bournehall!

Spring Term 2024

This term, so far pupils have met in their groups and have discussed and reviewed a range of themes including:

Are emojis an important part of communication?

will self-driving vehicles change our lives?