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Green Team

The Green Team is made up of a energy, litter and recycling monitor from each year group. The different monitors meet often and review and take action from ideas given from their classes.  Below gives you an insight into what each monitor is focusing on at the moment.



We are working hard to bring down the energy consumption used at Bournehall Primary School.  We regularly visit and complete energy audits during lunchtime in each classroom and award each class with a green or red dot.  If lights are switched off (in both the classroom and teachers cupboard), the projector is off a green dot is given otherwise a red dot is issued.  We find it to be an effective, quick way of auditing our energy usage and the whole school are always thrilled when they receive a green dot.  


We used the proceeds of selling our home grown potatoes to purchase 12 litter pickers. We often litter pick around the school grounds.  



We have organised a textile recycling collection using Bag2School and the proceeds of our collection will be donated to UNICEF and the Ukraine crisis.  We are part of The Writing Instruments Recycling Programme where we recycle used pens, and other accepted waste through Terracycle.