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Class Teachers: Miss Grover and Mrs Rowe

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cobb, Ms Lyons and Ms Laing


Summer 2020

Science- Evolution and Inheritance

History- Ancient Egyptians

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Super Sentence Stacking

Posted: Apr 20, 2020 by: Miss Grover ( on: Super Sentence Stacking

Have you tried any 'Super Sentence Stacking' writing sessions?
They are live at 9.45 every weekday on 'The Training Space' YouTube channel (see your literacy home learning for more information).
Let us know which film clip you have written about and share your writing here, if you would like to.
For your online safety, pick an anonymous name to use on this blog instead of your real name e.g. the name of your favourite fruit.


Miss May 3, 2020

This a lovely use of language; I can imagine the scene! I also love the fact that you have used and correctly punctuated fronted adverbials (Miss Grover's favourite thing!!)

Starstruck 101 May 1, 2020

Partly Cloudy -Chunk 1: Through the peachy blue blanket of sky, with puffballs of cotton-candy clouds sewn into it, storks flew with white bundles waiting to be revealed. This army of storks brought gifts of love and joy to the quiet streets below. Parcels of cute kittens, playful puppies and happy babies arrive at their destination where their new families opened their homes for them. Dreams came true as presents are opened but the real mystery is where did these wonders come from?