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Covid-19 Information and Updates

Our website gives information about school life at Bournehall before Covid-19. 

There have had to be many changes made over the last few months, to keep everyone safe.

School was open for the children of key workers throughout lockdown - and gradually, we welcomed back children from Reception and Year 1.

We were able to have some time with our Year 6 children to support  them in transitioning to their new schools and to say 'farewell'.

Teachers set learning activities for those who had to learn from home, staying in contact through email and by telephone.

Parents and carers managed to  'juggle' their daily lives to fit learning time in with their own work and everything else that had to be done.

We are delighted to have all of our children back for the Autumn Term 2020.

School looks different and there are still many restrictions in place. We will need to work together to make sure that routines are fit for purpose and that they are followed, with everyone understanding the role that they play in keeping everyone safe.

On this page we have put together some useful links which may be helpful - and information about the changes that have been made in school.

By the nature of the pandemic, we are constantly reviewing and updating what we are doing, so please keep checking!

For health and safety, children will be learning outside as much as possible - and classroom windows will be kept open to allow for good ventilation. We have minimised what is brought into school to, so changing into PE kit is not an option .

It seems sensible then, for children to wear appropriate, practical clothing.

For the forseeable future, Bournehall school uniform will consist of:

  • blue polo shirt with or without school logo 

  • navy blue sweatshirt with school badge

  • navy blue fleece with school badge (optional)

  • plain black PE shorts/leggings (no brand logos) – if the weather is warm

  • plain navy blue jogging bottoms (no brand logos)

  • Black OR white trainers (as plain as possible) NB: ‘velcro’ for younger children

  • grey or white socks

  • outdoor clothing as appropriate for the weather— rain, shine, snow, cold, warm - we’ll be going outside!

  • NB: rucksacks/schoolbags will NOT be required 

  • Reception and KS 1 - book bag in house colour  

  • Years 3- 6 drawstring book bag (provided by school)

A separate PE kit is not required as your child will already be dressed appropriately for physical activity by following the list above.

To reduce the sharing of equipment, from the beginning of the new term, children in Years 3-6 will need to have their own small pencil case which can easily be wiped clean containing:


2 or 3 HB pencils

set of colouring pencils

a whiteboard pen

2 writing pens (children with pen licences)

small metal pencil sharpener

small rubber

glue stick

15 cm ruler


NB: These should be brought in on the first day of term and will remain in school.

For the first half of the autumn term, school dinners will be a choice of meat or vegetarian hot or cold packed lunches, which will be delivered to the children in their classrooms. We plan to have the hot cooked meal options to be available again after half term.

To make it easier for parents and carers, start and finish times have been staggered by school houses (Jupiter, Mars,Neptune and Saturn) so that children enter and exit in their family groups.

timetable for drop off and pick up 




You may have read or heard about changes and additions to the curriculum being made for the new school year – focussing on children’s mental health and emotional well-being and on ‘catch-up’ support for basic skills, filling gaps in core knowledge.

Initially we will be concentrating on assessing starting points, for both academic and personal development  ‘finding the gaps’ in reading, writing (including spelling) and maths and addressing any trauma or anxieties.

Every child will have had a different experience of lockdown. 

We are here to help.

Please visit our Pastoral Support and Personal Development Curriculum pages for further information and contact us if you would like to discuss any concerns with us

              We now have four 'Bubbles'

  Reception                                    Year 1 and 2  

  Years 3 and 4                              Year 5 and 6 

DfE Guidance

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